My Music


Longings – Music for flute, piano and cello
The Selfish Giant – Narration with music for piano, cello and flute and other pieces
Music for the Piano – Original piano music through the seasons

Piano music sample; September Ballad

Piano music sample; With What Rapture

Sacred Choral works

Evening Collect   SAATTBB
Blessed Are… (dedicated to Nelson Mandela )  SATB
Flee to God

The Lord is my Strength and My Song   SATB with soprano solo Sample

Another Beautiful Day    SATB with soprano, alto and tenor solos
The Serenity Prayer    SATB
Hold Constantly  SATB
The Resting Place    SATB
Those Who Wait   SATB with soprano, alto and tenor solos
Into the Strong Arms   SSAA    (with piano accompaniment )
Words Cannot Express   SSAA with soprano and alto solos
Communion Setting   SATB
Away in a Manger   SATB

Secular Choral works

Daylight and Moonlight   SATB
Grain of Sand   SATB with tenor solo
Futility   SATB  with tenor solo
Lay your Sleeping Head   SATB
Do Not Go Gentle
Awareness is Like the Sun

Womens’ Chorus

French Resistance Code Poem
What is This Life if Full of Care
Songs of the Darkness
Whispering Grasses
What is this Life if Full of Care Sample

Counter -tenor  Duets

They Shall Grow Not Old  (with piano accompaniment)
The Road Not Taken

Baritone Solo

The Man at the Gate  (with piano accompaniment)

Piano Solo:  River Suite  (three movements)
Violin and piano; Octavia

Fun yet challenging choir warm-ups
Books      Tea Leaves